Hunter Biden investigation finally moves forward in Senate

May 21, 2020 / 2.9K views

Democrat former Vice President has yet another scandal to deal with, this time with his son Hunter Biden, as the investigation into him and the Burisma issues move forward within Senate.

"The Senate Homeland Security Committee approves a subpoena for the Burisma-linked consulting firm in the Hunter Biden investigation; Former Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr weighs in."

This could be an election nightmare for Joe Biden, but it may finally reveal answers, one way or the other, about the suspicious corruption in the Obama administration.

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Democrats appear to be protesting this investigation way too much and, it's said that Republicans may have struck a nerve here.

Up next is gathering the facts and seeing how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Just remember, Hunter Biden was being paid $83k per month, more than most blue collar workers earn in an entire year - and still, many people don't know exactly what Hunter Biden was actually doing to earn that money.

The weight of corruption could sink the Biden ship once and for all.

Source: youtube

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