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Hypocrite Pelosi keeps shaming Trump, but she downplayed the entire thing back in February

April 2, 2020 / 2.4K views

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has criticized President Trump and Republicans for the speed at which they responded to the outbreak that has turned into a pandemic. 

However, back in late February, Pelosi was walking in a crowd in Chinatown (San Fran) and was encouraging people to visit.

If Nancy Pelosi is criticizing Trump for not responding to the issue back then, then she's also being a hypocrite because back then she was telling people to visit Chinatown - not telling people to stay home.


It's hypocritical to say Trump responded slow to the outbreak, but then to be on video suggesting people come visit a location that has seen a slowdown of business to the same outbreak.

This video is from February 24. It was Anne Makovec who did the report on Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her visit to San Francisco's Chinatown.

Pelosi herself was downplaying the outbreak.


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