I Need You To Answer The Question: Boebert stops Biden's Acting OMB Director, demands answer

June 10, 2021 / 872 views

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert stopped Biden's Acting OMB Director in her tracks and demanded an answer! Boebert questioned Shalanda Young on border security and the massive problems that emerged and/or became much worse once President Joe Biden took up space in the White House.

Kamala Harris was appointed the Border Czar and she doesn't seem interested in even visiting the place where the problems are happening. It's like she doesn't want to witness all the kids she's putting in cages or she might have to donate 25 cents per month to help feed them like all those poor kids in Ethiopia who share a grain of rice for dinner while listening to Sarah McLaughlin and counting their quarters.

Boebert wants Young to answer the darn questions or maybe it's time for her to GET OUT of the way.

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