Ilhan Omar has raspy voice, says ignorant thing about Trump rallies

November 16, 2020 / 1.3K views

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has an ultra raspy voice and referred to Trump events as "clan rallies" during her interview. If Omar is referring to the "klan" of racist folks, that would be incorrect because these were not actual "klan" rallies, but they were political in nature. It's irresponsible of a sitting Rep to be saying things like this when she knows they are not true, and this is not the "unity" that Joe Biden is calling for. In fact, where was the calls for unity four years ago when Rep. Rashida Tlaib got elected, then immediately called for Trump to be impeached when he hadn't even had time to prove himself yet. This is just partisan hack nonsense that needs to stop, otherwise they will all keep fighting and we won't get anything done.

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