Impeachment could backfire and make Trump even stronger

November 29, 2019 / 1.2K views Democrat Impeachment BACKFIRE Will Go Down in History, It Has Made Trump STRONGER "Like Godzilla." More and more outlets are coming to terms with the Democrats impeachment failure. Washington post, the Week, Mother Jones, all clamoring for a "plan b" to defeat Trump but some realizing it is too little too late. As Democrats start to falter on impeachment they look weak and it starts to become obvious how they have wasted our time. For moderate Democrats in Trump districts this is such bad news that it may go down in history if those 31 districts get swept up by republicans in 2020. Far left democrats for the most part seem safe however. They have never cared for the Democrat establishment and in the end its Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, And Jerry Nadler left holding the bag. In fact Ocasio Cortez has out-raised every other house democrat so far this year. interestingly Republicans have raised substantially more than Democrats in the house so we may very well see a historic defeat of House Democrats in 2020. Trump on the other hand is raising record funds, posting memes like crazy, and living rent free in your head. Tucker Carlson says that impeachment has made Trump stronger "like godzilla"

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