'It's Sad' - Hillary Clinton supporter 'disheartened' by Democrat impeachment of Trump

ABC reporter Martha Raddatz was interviewing voters in several states and one of them was a Hillary Clinton supporter who sad the Democrat impeachment of President Donald Trump is 'sad' and it has 'disheartened' her

Raddatz was in several states, from PA, Ohio, and Michigan and it seems like people on both sides are a little bit tired of the impeachment nonsense going on. Some people expressed that impeachment might backfire and give Trump more attention, particularly from his voters who might come out in bigger numbers for 2020.

Victor Rantala wrote on BPR:

One 2016 Hillary Clinton supporter in Pennsylvania said she is “disheartened” by impeachment. “I just think we have to come together, and we’re so divided that it’s sad,” she said.

Democrats in Michigan that Raddatz interviewed are concerned that Michigan will go to Trump, perhaps due to the impeachment charade. “I don’t think this is going to help the Democratic Party. I really don’t,” said one progressive. “In fact, I have great fear that the opposite is going to happen. But I don’t think you have a choice when you look at the rules, you look at the Constitution.”

She makes a good point that this country has become a bit more divided than anything we've seen in a very long time, if ever.

Democrats pushed against Brett Kavanaugh on baseless accusations and are now trying to remove Trump from office.

As of now, the Senate has still not received the articles of impeachment, which means Trump still has not been technically impeached yet.

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