Jake Paul, the YouTuber, reacts after Pete Davidson trashed his boxing event: 'F-ck That Guy'

April 27, 2021 / 228 views

Comedian Pete Davidson was a co-host of the boxing event by Triller that had YouTube guy Jake Paul boxing former UFC star Ben Askren.

The event was heavily criticized as there was so many music performances and people wanted to see the fights instead. It was like a concert with a few fights in the audience.

Pete Davidson, of SNL, was trashing the event the whole time, trashing Jake Paul, and was probably the only good part of the pay per view event.

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Many others also called Jake Paul's fight fake and rigged, suggesting that Ben Askren, who's been pummeled in the face by UFC fighters (real fighters, not YouTube guys) and wasn't knocked out by that - but somehow, magically got knocked out by one punch by Jake Paul.

For sure, it looked very questionable and Ben Askren was smiling on his way out.

Here's the thing with these generic boxing matches - if the YouTube guy loses, then no one shows up to the next "fight." Jake Paul also gets called out for not fighting an actual boxer. Why not fight a guy who's around the same age and weight class and active in boxing? Don't fight a random basketball player like Nate Robinson, or some UFC guy who's been out of the ring for almost two years. Fight someone CURRENT and ACTIVE in boxing if you want to act like a boxer. And here's the reason Jake Paul won't do that. 1) because it's all a gimmick and a show, it's not legit boxing. He would get destroyed by a current boxer because Jake Paul has literally no boxing skills whatsoever. This is all just a money game to him. Once he gets knocked out by a real fighter, that's it. He's done and will be mocked more then than he is now.

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Like the one guy said himself in this video - take the money and run - and that's exactly what these guys are doing and people are literally paying to see it. Either way, Jake Paul needs to buy a brush and fix that mop looking hair of his.

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