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Jill Biden claims they have 6 grandchildren, but it's technically 7

April 6, 2020 / 865 views

Joe and Jill Biden are doing a video and they have now both said different numbers of grandchildren. In another video, Joe Biden said he had five grandchildren, but he might technically have seven.

In this video, Jill Biden claims they have six grandchildren.

However, it appears as though they are not counting Hunter Biden's child that he had with the dancer who took him to court for child support.


So how many kids do they really have?

Technically speaking, it's 7 grandchildren.

Breitbart summed it up like this, "Two are from their late-son Beau’s marriage to Hallie Olivere, while five are from their son Hunter’s various relationships. The latter’s youngest offspring are likely the “little infants,” Joe Biden invoked during the town hall.


The fifth of Hunter’s children, a boy, was born on March 28 to Melissa Cohen, a South African filmmaker. The couple, who reside in a $12,000-per-month rental in the Hollywood hills, wed in May 2019 after knowing each other for less than a week.

Hunter, whose work in Ukraine was central to the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, also has a 18-month-old child with Lunden Roberts."

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