Joe Biden accused of using government to go after political opponent

May 14, 2020 / 952 views

Seems like Joe Biden might be busted if Rand Paul's theory works out. He's accusing the former Vice President of using the government to go after a political opponent. The details are explained in the quotes below provided by Tim Haines of Real Clear Politics.

Rand Paul said:

These rumors have been going around for years that Obama's administration was abusing the power of unmasking, and this sounds like they were using it to go after a political opponent, which is a serious offense and should be investigated... The fact that Vice President Biden is directly involved in the unmasking of a political opponent -- think about it. You remember impeachment? They said the president was using the government to go after a political opponent? This is Vice President Biden using the spying powers of the U.S. to go after a political opponent and he is caught red-handed here... eavesdropping on a political opponent's phone calls.

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Every reporter in the country needs to ask this legitimate question. They need to come out of hibernation and ask Vice President Biden, do we think it is a legitimate function of government to eavesdrop on political opponents, illegally unmask them and listen to their private conversation?

This is exactly what they were accusing President Trump of -- he was acquitted on those charges. They have now found that Vice President Biden is guilty of using government to go after a political opponent.

So what will happen next? A lot of finger pointing and guys like Lindsey Graham doing absolutely nothing, right? What's Rand Paul's next move? Talk about it, or do something about it?

Not gonna hold our breath on this one until someone actually takes ACTION against the people these accusations are targeting.

Otherwise, it's just a bunch of politicians being all talk and nothing else.

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