Joe Biden can't remember son's job, falsely says he was 'Attorney General of the United States'

Dem candidate Joe Biden could not remember his late son's former job. During a town hall event for CNN, Biden falsely claimed his late son, Beau Biden, was the attorney general for the United States.

Never direct the Justice Department as to who they should or should not indict and under what circumstances they should or should not... That is an independent judgement to be made... My son, the one who, my deceased son, was the Attorney General of the United States... and before that, he was a federal prosecutor in one of the largest offices in the country in Philadelphia... And I’ll tell you what, he wouldn’t even talk to me about anything he was doing – his father – and he shouldn’t have, and I didn’t have any control over either one of those things...

That's actually incorrect.


Beau Biden was the attorney general for the state of Delaware.

There's quite a difference between the entire country and one small state that was made famous in the movie Wayne's World as being the most boring place you could visit.

But hey, Delaware has really nice beaches and good crab cakes, so they've got something great for summer.


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