Joe Biden complains about Trump, says we only heard 'tweets, threats, and tantrums'

Joe Biden spoke to a crowd and said, "What we've heard so far from this president are tweets, threats, and tantrums." Joe Biden may want to look at some statistics and facts about things accomplished while Trump was in the White House for the last three years. We can all honestly say that Trump might spend too much time on Twitter, he did threaten to destroy enemies, and if he has a tantrum, then it's about the people surrounding him who aren't getting much done.

While Democrats wasted three years figuring out how to take Trump out of the White House or out of an election, he has resiliently pushed through and got quite a bit done.

You can search the stats all you want.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden can't even get Barack Obama to endorse him and he often forgets what city he's in. Don't even get me started on Hunter Biden and his Burisma scandal, which was potentially layered in enough corruption to keep you warm all winter.

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