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Joe Biden nibbles wife's finger during campaign speech

Joe Biden has been called out for being a bit creepy and putting his hands on people much younger than him. He once made an effort in a video to address how times change, and how he should mind people's personal space. Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, he's taking little bites of his wife's finger while she gives a speech. This might be funny from other people, but not from the guy who has a history of being creepy and smelling people's hair.

Give Benny Johnson credit for the video and for posting the following on his account:

Creepy Joe Biden awkwardly bites his wife's finger onstage. I slowed this video down and zoomed it in. This is some creepy boomer sh*t. Watch. It's horrifying. Even Jill Biden is noticeably creeped out. FYI This is at his campaign's "relaunch and fix" Joe's image.


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