Joe Biden refers to hecklers honking horns as 'those Ugly Folks Over There'

October 31, 2020 / 816 views

Democratic candidate Joe Biden was giving a speech to a crowd and people kept honking their car horns in the background. Biden took a moment to address them and said "this isn't a political statement like those ugly folks over there beeping their horns!"

It remains unclear if the people honking their horns are ugly or attractive. They might be Trump supporters. They might not be Trump supporters.

Also, Joe Biden says in the speech that he's not going to shut down the economy, he's going to shut down the virus. And once again, it remains unclear how he will do that as well. 

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My opinion? I dunno, the honking of horns during a speech must be hilarious to the people in the car, but I bet the people who actually wanted to hear Joe Biden babble were probably getting furious. Oh well.

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