Joe Biden's views on Fracking get cleared up via Fact Check

July 9, 2020 / 510 views

Joe Biden says in an interview that fracking is not on the chopping block to be eliminated. However, in one of his previous debates, Biden said that fracking would be phased out and/or eliminated, which now has many of us confused as to what his true goals are.

It took a little bit of research, and by that I mean a quick look on the Google, to see what's going on.

A fact check by USA Today said "The claim that Joe Biden wants to eliminate fracking is false because it ignores his publicly stated opposition to such a ban. But it is true that Biden has said he wants to stop new permits for fracking."

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Based on that, it seems like old fracking permits are likely to be allowed, but anyone applying for new fracking permits could likely be blocked. Of course, this could all change one way or the other if Joe Biden wins the election.

Source: usatoday

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