Joe Biden says 'No privately funded charter school' will receive Federal funding

September 16, 2020 / 1.7K views

Democrat candidate for president, Joe Biden, suggests that no privately funded charter school will receive federal funding. However, Joe Biden should know one thing - that charter schools are actually public schools and they use federal money from the school district budget - at least that's what they do here. A privately funded school is typically called a "private school" hence the name.

Here's what Joe Biden said, followed by commentary:

I will not — there will be no federal dollars — I’m not Betsy DeVos — nor will my, my Secretary of Education be anything like her in terms of her attitudes about public schools. No privately funded charter school will receive or private charter school will receive a penny of federal money. None.

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Betsy DeVos is one of the most useless Trump picks in the most useless positions. We do not need a Secretary of Education. They don't do anything that affects the local level of teaching.

If there's a school district budget and the district allows charter schools, then those schools will most likely be getting the federal money. That's how it works here in my town. That's why people in the city hate the charter schools, not to mention all the ones that get shut down for fraud and kick the kids out at Christmas time like it happened once in Philly.

And any charter school that, in fact, is worthy of being able to be in education, would have to be accountable to the same exact school boards, the same exact mechanisms that the public school is accountable to across the board.

They are not. They are rarely held accountable until the law or district gets involved, for example, schools who are caught running fraud schemes with the money or shut down. Charters in bad neighborhoods do their own thing and face little accountability.

There has to be transparency. Now a lot of these charter schools are significantly underperforming, significantly. I can see where you can have a school, for example, a specialty school in the arts or for music. But if you’re going to have a charter school, it cannot come at the expense of the public school. It cannot come at the expense of the public school.  

Teachers and parents have been calling for transparency in their school districts since the beginning of time. In Philadelphia alone, we are wasting so much money on things we don't need while the buildings are falling apart, have asbestos, and don't even have enough supplies for the students or teachers. Meanwhile, Superintendent Hite took a $12k raise one year while teachers waited YEARS for their measly $1k raise. If you want to see school district corruption, then always start at the very top.

We have to fully fund them. And any charter school that qualifies as essentially a chartered public school has to be accountable to the same standards, the same requirements, the same transparency as the public schools in that district are accountable to, meaning the Board of Education or whatever the mechanism and the controls of that school board.”

No we don't have to fund charter schools at all. There are very few charter schools who are actually performing well in comparison to those that are performing miserably, like a normal urban public school usually does.

And the performance isn't even the school's fault - it's the uneducated parents who can't even do the homework with their kids because they can't be bothered or they can't read.

No one ever wants to say that though because they'll get called a racist, but it's true.

Urban education fails because kids are going home to lazy and uneducated parents and it's very hard to break that cycle.

Also, Joe Biden has no clue what he's talking about here, just like Betsy DeVos has no clue what she's doing.

Is Joe Biden mentally unfit to be president?

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