Joe Biden, years ago, said court packing was corrupt and 'Power Grab'

April 27, 2021 / 567 views

It was many years ago, but Joe Biden back then unloaded on a corrupt court packing plan was nothing more than a power grab.

Biden did not appear to support packing the court from nine justices to 15, allowing them to nominate a few of their own.

Democrats are now talking about making an attempt to add more justices after former President Trump was able to add three of his own.

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Just recently, Sen. Thune slammed the Democrats for their possible hopes of now packing the court. Thune said, "In what is fast becoming a theme of his presidency, President Biden caved to the demands of the far left and officially established his court-packing commission. Yes, court-packing. An idea that had been consigned to the ash heap of history almost a century ago has been given new life by the far left, who are upset that a duly elected Republican president was able to get his justices confirmed to the Supreme Court. The terrible crisis we’re facing is that a Republican president was able to fill three vacancies on the Supreme Court. I confess I had missed the part in the Constitution that said the Supreme Court is only legitimate if a majority of its members were nominated by a Democrat president – or at least reliably deliver liberals’ preferred outcomes. But Liberals didn’t. Now they’re eager to “restore balance” to the Supreme Court by expanding the number of Supreme Court justices and ensuring that a Democrat president fills the new spots. President Biden – the same man who once called President Roosevelt’s failed court-packing proposal a “bonehead idea” and a “terrible, terrible mistake to make” – is apparently falling in with the far left’s demands. His commission – composed largely of left-leaning scholars, Democrat operatives, and a few conservatives as bipartisan window-dressing – will consider court-packing and other structural “reforms,” like term limits for Supreme Court justices."

Source: thune

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