Judge Jeanine Pirro scolds Greg Gutfeld for saying he's glad Chauvin was found guilty

April 21, 2021 / 1.9K views

Judge Jeanine Pirro stops Greg Gutfeld in his tracks for saying he was glad Derek Chauvin was found guilty so that we wouldn't see any riots.

Gutfeld says his neighborhood was looted and he doesn't ever want to go through that again.

Pirro bites back suggesting they should not be sacrificing an individual and makes a few more remarks about what Greg Gutfeld said. Pelosi made a similar statement, saying George Floyd sacrificed his life and Pelosi got slapped with backlash from both sides for such a ridiculous comment.

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Pirro also stated that the guilty verdict was correct and supported by facts and that Derek Chauvin's appeal will fail in the court system.

Despite the guilty verdict, a trucker was mobbed by protesters anyway. They tried to break his windows and damage his truck. He hit the gas and got outta dodge.

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