Judge Jeanine risks career to expose who Nancy Pelosi possibly works for

Judge Jeanine calls it like it is. She blasted Nancy Pelosi for who she might be really working for. Now this is straight out of Pirro's mouth and this is her opinion and opening statement. However, is it true? You will have to think about it and decide for yourself. Here's part of the transcript: “Are you working for Americans or illegals? Or is it that you just don’t give a damn? You vacation in Hawaii. Your buddies vacation in Puerto Rico during a shutdown and you plan a jaunt to Europe while federal employees are trying to save every dollar to buy groceries. Admit it — you don’t give a damn.... Nancy, you are a hypocrite, a political operative... Your mantra: Destroy the president of the United States. ‘To hell with the taxpaying hard-working Americans. Let them eat cake. I got a junket to go on, an ego to assuage, an electorate to ignore.’”

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