Judge says Biased Roger Stone juror could face jailtime if she lied

February 14, 2020 / 2K views

Judge Napolitano suggests that a potentially biased juror in the Roger Stone case, Tomeka Hart, may have hid her bias during the jury selection. The judge also states that if she lied and hid her bias, and the bias affected the outcome of the trial, that Tomeka Hart could actually face time in jail. If that happens, then there's the chance for Roger Stone to have a new trial ordered, if the court wishes to do so.

Hart's bias was not discovered until after the trial. Stone's sentencing has not been determined.

Napolitano said about what should've or could've happened:

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The proper thing for the judge to do is to bring this juror back in the courtroom in the presence of Roger Stone and his lawyers and in the presence of the four prosecutors who have since resigned because their resignations are not effective until she, the trial judge, accepts them and interrogate this woman in order to determine whether the bias influenced her guilty vote and whether that bias was passed on to other members of the jury.

When Tucker Carlson asked what could happen next for Tomeka Hart, Judge Napolitano said:

It would be catastrophic for her,... First of all, she is a lawyer. So she would be prosecuted for perjury since the statements are given under oath and if convicted she would lose her license to practice law but that would be the least of her concerns. She probably would serve jail time if she lied in order to affect the outcome of a case and if she did lie, if a judge concluded she lied, Tucker, that is an automatic vacation of the conviction and in order for a new trial if the government even wants to try Stone a second time.

Source: dailycaller

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