Kamala Harris event with small crowd suggests lack of enthusiasm for Democrats

October 21, 2020 / 1.3K views

Kamala Harris is on the campaign trail and she's having a fun time in this video with her crowd. Except, the crowd doesn't look that big in comparison to the crowds that Trump draws. Of course, the Democrats are doing smaller events with social distancing in mind. But, is there a lack of enthusiasm for the Democrats? One might say there certainly is.

If we were to compare the events of both Trump and Biden campaigns, then seeing the crowds that Trump draws vs those of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris combined, one would honestly wonder if there is a serious lack of interest in the Democratic candidates. That's how it looks to me and this is just my opinion, but I can't be the only one thinking this.

Another example to show this is that Barack Obama was in my city today. I had no idea until after the event was over. I didn't see any friends talking about it on Facebook. I didn't hear any ads on the radio. I didn't see any ads online. I am online ALL day and literally had NO IDEA Obama was coming to town until it was over. And to that, he only had a few hundred cars of people come to his event according to news reporters on Twitter who covered the event. So where is all the action for the Democrats? Is there any? It's not looking like it, but the polls keep suggesting Biden is in the lead and I must ask this - how is Biden in the lead when I keep seeing big energy for Trump and barely anything for Biden's campaign?

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