Kamala Harris wouldn't say Yes or No if she would Defund Police

June 8, 2020 / 1.6K views

Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris struggles to answer yes or no if she will support defunding police. The hosts of The View wanted a yes or no answer, but Kamala Harris then seemed to deflect.

Cries for defunding the police have been heard by liberals and Democrats across the nation. People like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar support it. However, one look around the country will show us many cities that were destroyed during "peaceful protests" where some of the protesters turned bad and started rioting. Not all protesters, but enough to cause stores to be looted, buildings burnt down, and more people to be injured or worse.

If anything, all the crime that just happened during the protests showed people why we might need more police!

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Defunding the police does not mean abolishing police. It means taking some of their funding and putting it into other programs, like social services, schools, or anything else that could provide a better community.

This would actually make sense, but it would require a lot of oversight to make sure the programs being funded are actually worth funding and also successful.

There's no reason to fund a program in a Democrat city that no one shows up for. There's no reason to fund a program that only affects a very tiny amount of people.

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Now if there's social services that help people get jobs, help with job training - stuff like that to keep people off the streets - then that makes sense.

But anytime politicians are in charge, they need to be watched so that our money is not wasted.

Otherwise, give the cops more money.

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