Karen goes to Red Lobster, immediately starts a problem and gets kicked out

May 13, 2020 / 40.2K views

Karen shows up at Red Lobster and sure enough, got her ass kicked out. I have NO IDEA what transpired inside the restaurant with the best cheddar bisquits in the country, but I know Karen is a bitch when I see one.

She throws a punch, then gets her hair grabbed, and some hoarse sounding turd mongoloid sounding like a MA'AM is yelling, "LET GO OF HER HAIR" and I'm over here drinking coffee like "hell no, rip that hair out, f-ck Karen!"

Then the second shift looking line cook comes out, he gets all hot and bothered and looked like he was gonna drop Karen for a moment, which I wouldn't even be mad about.

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Then the hoarse voice person talks and says they've been waiting three hours for food?

WELL AREN'T YOU STUPID THEN?? MORON, go to the super market and make your own tiny shrimp and sugar loaded margaritas FFS.

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