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Kino Jimenez throws drink and steals MAGA hat from teenager
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Kino Jimenez throws drink and steals MAGA hat from teenager

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  • Some big adult looking guy named Kino Jimenez was in a fast food location and threw a drink on some teenager. He also stole their hat and walked out with it. I don't care who you voted for, but this is ridiculous. Every time I see someone with a Bernie Sanders sticker on their beat-up Pinto car, I don't do anything. I can sit next to a Hillary supporter and have dinner. We can agree/disagree all we want, but actions like this should not ever be tolerated. It's our right as an American to vote or support anyone they wish. Disagree, sure, but attack them? No. Kids are also off limits, so anytime someone goes after a kid, they deserve whatever comes their way. This guy was reportedly fired from his job already. I thought the liberals were supposed to be the tolerant ones? I guess not. Finally the truth about the liberals is coming out. July 5, 2018 and filed under Kino Jimemnez, MAGA, intolerance.

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