LA Mayor labeled 'Power Hungry' for rule saying you can lounge at parks, but not at beaches

May 16, 2020 / 710 views

LA's Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti is being slammed left, right, center, up, and down for instituting rules that some might says make no actual sense whatsoever.

Some of Garcetti's latest rules for LA and social distancing include being allowed to sit at parks, but not allowed to sit on the beach in the hot sun, even if you're socially distanced.

An article from local LA news site stated:

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In response to a question about the consistency of rules about where you can sit, Garcetti said the reason the city is allowing sunbathing/lounging/picnicing at parks, but not beaches because they tend to get more crowded than parks.

“Not everybody rushes to the same park the way that we all rush to the same beaches,” he said. So it’s more of a crowd control thing than a science thing."

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He also said he doesn’t want to create a “police state” by stationing law enforcement at the beaches. Plus, they're are just too sprawling to monitor. Instead, he asked that everyone try to respect the guidelines so that we can move forward with reopening plans and not risk a second wave.

It really seems like Mayor Garcetti has no idea what he's doing, none of his rules make much sense, and they are not always consistent. If anything, they are confusing.

What MIGHT happen now is that people will crowd the parks since they're not allowed to be at the beach. What then happens is Garcetti now has the same problem he was going to have on the beach, but in the parks.

With some common sense, it actually makes better sense to allow them both to be open so people can spread out and go to one or the other.

Another idea would be to only allow a certain amount of people on the beach per square block, so that crowds were slightly minimal.

Try that for two weeks and then check the infection numbers. If the stats are going down, then they're doing fine.

But of course, this Democrat mayor doesn't seem to have any common sense whatsoever and he's being labeled as a power-hungry maniac.

Source: youtube
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