Laura Ingraham faced cancel culture after statement involving Trump

November 23, 2020 / 3.2K views

Laura Ingraham put out an honest statement and some people couldn't handle it. If you search on social media, you'll see numerous people saying they aren't going to watch her or Fox News anymore. I am purposely not going to post their Tweets or posts on here, because I do not want to shame them for it by name - even though they should be called out, but this is good enough.

In the video clip above, Ingraham says she's not going to lie and tell you the Supreme Court will save the day for President Trump and get the election turned over. She's not going to do that because she knows it's a very difficult process and a long-shot for Trump to turn this over. And she's right. It is next to impossible without evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

The problem here is NOT what Ingraham is saying, but instead, all the people who threaten to cancel her because she does not say the one thing YOU wanted to hear?

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This is what she said that got so many people worked up - but nowhere in this does she tell any lies or mislead people. She's literally being honest:

As unpleasant and disappointing as these past three weeks have been to so many of us, as much as we wish things were different, this is where things stand tonight. Unless the legal situation changes in a dramatic and unlikely manner, Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th.

She says that unless the legal situation changes, meaning in favor of Trump, that this is it. She is giving us the hard reality, not the reality that many of us prefer to hear. We can't make up our own reality. That's not how reality works.

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Have you ever turned over an election before? It's not exactly an easy task and Trump is doing what he can, with what he has - but if one commentator isn't jumping all over Trump and partying like the Supreme Court just gave him a second term - then you're gonna cancel her? Does anyone realize how self-centered and programmed it sounds to cancel a show you once loved because she won't lie and tell you what you want to hear?

Folks, Trump does not have a great shot at turning this around. He just doesn't. And anyone who is telling you this is all gonna blow over and Trump will win this is blowing smoke up your wazoo and you're falling for it.

Trump has a battle bigger than Mt. Everest right now and he's climbing with no gear. That's how difficult it will be for Trump to win this election back from Biden.

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Ingraham is not going to toot your horn and hype things up when she knows it's such a monumental task for Trump to win - because in the end, she looks like the bad one for getting everyone excited for possibly nothing.

We all want an honest media and she's being honest, but some of you can't handle it and threaten to stop watching, and that sounds exactly what liberals would do to something they don't like. I thought you were all tougher than that?

Maybe you're programmed to read and watch only the things that specifically cater to your own personal agenda, and if they disagree with even the slightest nonsense, you freak out. That is messed up.

Ingraham does not deserve to be canceled over this little clip where she is being honest and shame on anyone who doesn't realize they are slowly becoming a closet liberal by embracing the cancel culture.

You want a participation trophy to go with it? If not, then grow up and stop with the cancel culture nonsense.

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