Lego White House Display Shows Trump in Handcuffs


This video of Trump in handcuffs on the Lego White House display is floating around social media. It's reported to have been taken at a mall, but we can't figure out what mall this happened at. People are threatening a boycott to Lego for showing President Donald Trump in handcuffs on their White House display. Have you ever stepped on a Lego while you're barefoot? Now that's worth talking about. Update: There's a link to a picture that shows the Lego White House when it was first put on display. There is no Donald Trump on the display at first. Perhaps someone else put it there who is not part of the Lego company. Could it be that the person who recorded the video is the one who put it there? Did they do this to stir things up? It literally could have been anyone who put it there.