Lightfoot suggests residents call 911 on Federal Agents if something doesn't look right

July 22, 2020 / 1.2K views

Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot says one of the dumbest things I have ever heard a mayor say. She suggests that her residents in Chicago should call 911 if they see Federal Agents and something doesn't look right. She says if they "see something that doesn't look right" then call 911 or even 311 to report it. She also said "If we see any steps out of line... with DHS or Border Patrol, we are not going to hesitate to take the President to court..."

First of all, doesn't she want to defund the police? So she's telling people to defund the police, then telling people to call the police?

Defunding the police doesn't mean getting rid of the police, but Lightfoot's message to the public is sending mixed messages.

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Take their money away, but still call them when you "see something that doesn't look right???"

That's a waste of 911 resources at the very least.

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