Lindsey Graham needs to stop asking for money and start doing his job

October 27, 2020 / 574 views

I can't be the only person to think that Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the more annoying people in the American government. He always shows up when there's a witty one-liner to be said, he constantly promises things and usually doesn't deliver, and he was indirectly asking for money on television as Judge Amy Coney Barrett was being confirmed.

Now Graham didn't ask for money directly on TV, he said go to his website and he spouted off about keeping his job blah, blah, blah. Well, what happens when you go to his website? A BIG POP UP APPEARS ASKING YOU FOR MONEY? Really, Graham? Maybe do a better job and make people vote for you because you're doing so good.

These politicians don't need our money, and many of us have been forced to work less hours, so we don't even have money. And if you're a six-figure salary politician asking people for money, people who may be unemployed, then you're not cool.

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I don't care what side of politics this is on - it's rotten to the core. People making six-figures a year need to stop asking other people for money. I have always thought that was shady and don't agree with it one bit.

Rule number one folks - NEVER donate to a politician who's making a six-figure salary. They're just taking your money at this point. Look at Bernie Sanders for example. Guy runs for president, sucks in millions in donations, and disappears. Where did all that money go, Bernie?

If you're a politician and you're already in office, then use social media and do a good job. We the people always find out when a politician does a good job. It gets on the news, it ends up on social media, and we KNOW.

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Keep your money folks, you need it. The politicians don't.

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