Looks Like Joe Biden's Teeth Were About To Pop Out Again

Joe Biden pretty much wiped out Bernie Sanders tonight and Tulsi Gabbard was knocked out of the next debate. That put Joe Biden in the position to give a little victory speech in Philadelphia after taking home a few more primary states.

Well, during that speech, something odd appears to have happened with Joe Biden's mouth.

His speech was fine, but there's a split second where we can't tell if his teeth are popping out of position or he's just got a nervous tick because he might have to actually run for president, for real now.


The source of this video is here, a random account on Twitter.

If this is doctored, please update me as soon as possible.

However, keep in mind that Biden had some issues with teeth before.


See here:

According to the NY Post, "Biden apparently has undergone significant cosmetic surgery in recent decades, including getting hair plugs, Botox injections and veneers."

His teeth popping out is not out of the ordinary for him.

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