Looter shot during attempted robbery of South Philly gun store; report

June 2, 2020 / 4K views

PHILADELPHIA -- One looter, out of a group of several, was shot by a South Philly gun store owner while they attempted to break in and rob the store.

Steve Keeley from Fox 29 reports:

BREAKING: South Philadelphia Gun Store owner shoots&kills one of 3 or 4 armed looters who pointed gun at him first. Lock on gate cut with bolt cutters. Back door shattered&kicked in. Gun owner was on high alert after attempted break-in earlier in the week.

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It was 4AM, South Philly gun store owner was staying inside his business to protect it because there was a previous attempted looting this week. He sees this crew on surveillance, then hears them coming up his steps&then sees first guy point gun at him&shoots first.

Firing Line Gun store and indoor shooting range is right next to I-95 in Philadelphia. It has big old green and yellow billboard on its roof to advertise itself to passing drivers headed south.

Keeley posted numerous photos from the scene in his Twitter thread.

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