Looters rob home after wildfire forces family to evacuate

September 17, 2020 / 1.4K views

Wildfires started to take over Clackamas County, causing tons of damage, but that's not the only thing taking over some of the homes. After some families evacuated, the looters showed up to rob the homes of their belongings.

Koin 6 reports:

Tracy and Marvin Johnson live on the other side of the field. The fire burned their green house, the side of their shed and a nearly two-mile hiking trail they spent eight years and thousands of hours building.

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“We just finished it, the last of it, and had our grand opening last weekend,” said Marvin. “It’s pretty sad.”

The fire came within feet of their home but firefighters managed to save it. But while they were evacuated, someone broke into their home.

“Our Nest cam came on and told us that there was movement and we could see the lights pull up into our driveway,” said Marvin. “We saw the door open and could hear people inside the house talking.”

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The Johnsons don’t think the looters took much but they were gone before police arrived. Despite the break-in, the Johnsons said they’re grateful just to have a home to come back to.

Source: koin

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