Maddow claims Joe Biden had 'sort of drop the mic moment' but that's not what I saw

April 28, 2021 / 857 views

Rachel Maddow claims President Joe Biden had a "sort of drop the mic moment" but that's not what it looks like to me.

Maddow is referring to when NBC's Peter Alexander asked Joe Biden why he was wearing a mask when he walked out of the White House. Maddow watches the clip, pauses it, and says, "The president flashing his high beams, on that one. Sunglasses on. Big grin."

So what. Who cares if he's smiling. That doesn't make it a drop the mic moment or even a "sort of drop the mic moment."

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Sure, it might be subjective, but this was a Joe Biden dud nonetheless. If he had a good zinger, I'd admit that and probably laugh at it. But what the heck is Rachel Maddow even thinking in this one? It's just Joe Biden being Joe Biden and not everything the guy says is a drop the mic moment.

What are we doing, just making things up as we go?

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