man beaten unconscious, breaks every bone in his face


Jaime Guzman and Maurecio Velasquez went to the New Carrollton 7-Eleven on 1/26/2014. They ran into 21-year-old Kaelin Miller, his girlfriend, and Christian Smith. A fight breaks out and Miller beats Velasquez unconscious, breaking every bone in his face. Once he was knocked out, Miller continued hitting him, nearly knocking his eye out and leaving shoe imprints on his face/head. Then him and the other guy came back to ROB the guy who was knocked out. Miller got 15 years in prison for this. When a man is knocked out, or down and can't defend himself - that's when the fight is over. Knock someone out? Sure, that's cool. A fight is a fight. But once you knock them out, then have some respect and dignity. Beating a man who is already out cold, then robbing him, is just barbaric and doesn't belong in society. Source: ABC 7 News - WJLA