Man ditches quarantine at 'Coronavirus Hotel' - stops at store and hops on a bus

March 14, 2020 / 2.8K views

A man who no longer wished to be stuck in quarantine at a "coronavirus hotel" took matters in to his own hands and left the building.  security guard tried to stop him, but it didn't work. The guy was OUT and he was gonna live his life, despite some people panicking when he left.

The man stopped at a store and allegedly shoplifted, then hopped on a bus, and he eventually tested negative for coronavirus - putting everyone at ease if they were freaking out.

The motel is located in Seattle and was being used as housing for people who might have coronavirus. When the man left, there were some who may have panicked, but it ended up being just fine as the test results came in and the man was in the clear.

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Yahoo News reported more, saying:

The man arrived Thursday while awaiting test results, according to a statement from King County, which recently bought the site in a suburb south of Seattle to ease the burden on local hospitals. At around 7:30 a.m., he crossed the street to a convenience store, allegedly shoplifted, and then caught a northbound bus. The bus was taken out of service to be sanitized.

The innovative move by county officials to buy and repurpose an 85-room Econo Lodge in Kent drew a swift rebuke from locals who feared the spread of the virus nearby. The man who walked out was only the second resident, according to the statement. The first tested negative for the disease and departed.

Many businesses, sports leagues, and places where people can gather in quantity are closing until the coronavirus situation simmers down. Many school districts are also closed for the next few weeks.

During this time, people are being asked to practice some social distancing and even stay home in hopes to slow the spread of coronavirus as people work for a cure, treat those infected, and hope for the best.

Video credit Ryan Yamamoto on Twitter.

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