Man pulls gun on BLM protesters during confrontation at restaurant

May 2, 2021 / 3.7K views

Looks like armed protesters were in a confrontation with people eating outside at a restaurant named La Chasse.

One guy decided he was sick of the nonsense and just wanted to sit down and eat his meal, so he whips out a little handgun and that sent the confrontation into overdrive.

Several of the protesters were armed as well, as reported by Hayes Gardner who shared the man's picture and wrote: "For those who have asked, yes this man appeared to be armed, as were a few protesters. It was a tense few minutes." Hayes Gardner appears to be a reporter, so he was just telling the story as it happened and giving people photos and videos of it without commentary. Finally a good report on something leaving the commentary to the peanut gallery like me.

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The report stated:

After a few minutes of continuing the march down Bardstown, some of the protesters stopped at La Chasse, were a man watching from the restaurant's patio pulled a gun and pointed it at them during a confrontation.

Other protesters intervened and told them to keep moving away from the men. A few minutes later, several LMPD cruisers pulled up in front of the restaurant. 

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They also reported at least three protesters were arrested.

I just have one question - what the heck is BLM protesting the Kentucky Derby for? Doesn't even make sense whatsoever. Are they mad at a horse now?

I thought all this nonsense was done when Trump was out? Nope, the nonsense still carries on. Welcome to Joe Biden's America!

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