Man shows aftermath of CA wildfires, finds skeleton of person burned alive in car

November 13, 2018 / 3.9K views A man was showing people on video what happened in the California wildfire. He documented what appears to be people who were burned alive trying to escape the fire. There are cars abandoned and at least one car had skeletal remains of a human who may have been trapped in the car as it burned. He said he went to get some woman, but she had to put her makeup on first. She didn't make it. Truly tragic what happened to Paradise, California. The video is from Greg Woodcox and he received a few complaints about it. He wants the video to be a warning to those who don't take wildfires seriously, and also a warning to those who may come to the area - this is what they will see. “Everybody here is dead,” Woodcox says in the video. “There’s a bunch of dead bodies here.”

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Source: insideedition

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