Maxine Waters responds to Tim Scott speech, suggests America became more racist

May 3, 2021 / 1.2K views

Rep. Maxine Waters responds to Sen. Tim Scott's comments about America not being a racist country.

Annnnnnnnd of course Maxine Waters responds by suggesting that Tim Scott is wrong and maybe he missed all the racism or maybe he was counseled to say that.

Instead of embracing what Tim Scott said in hopes to bring unity, Democrat Maxine Waters almost instantly calls Tim Scott wrong and once again is PART of the PROBLEM causing the DIVIDE!

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Does Maxine Waters even listen to Tim Scott's message or does she just purposely go against him because he's not a Democrat? She said Tim Scott missed the history of the nation. Well, Tim Scott is talking about right NOW, not 150 years ago!

What's her IQ score, is it the same number as a temperature?

Maxine Waters needs to retire. Enough is enough. We're not getting ANYWHERE with her at this point. She is literally not helping anything with her rhetoric.

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