Maxine Waters still talking about Trump like he lives in her head rent-free

April 18, 2021 / 1K views

Rep. Maxine Waters is still talking about former President Donald Trump as if he lives in her head rent-free.

Maxine Waters said, "we're still wondering, and many are still wondering across the world, how did [Donald Trump] become president of the United States."

There's a few things we can say about that. 1) Trump became president because Americans became so fed up with the typical politicians who promise everything and do nothing and live their rich fancy lifestyles just getting barely by. There is pretty much no likable politicians at this point, so some Americans figured hey, what's the worst that could happen and tried something new.

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Another point is that the last batch of Republicans were so bad that people were like, well... screw it! Go with Trump.

And to wrap it up - the 2020 election should have been Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump - the two guys who don't seem to fit in anywhere, the guys who are against the system, the guys who wanted to shake things up. But we see how that turned out and Bernie got snubbed and Trump went on to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Maybe if we actually liked the people running for president and they weren't a complete joke, like Biden and Harris, then we'd have some good options.

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Right now we have an babbling clown as president and a woman who was unpopular in her own state as VP. Does that sound like two people capable of running a country?

Would Candace Owens be a good VP?

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