McCarthy says Democrats went crazy with 1,800-page liberal wishlist

May 18, 2020 / 269 views

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy says Democrats went crazy with an 1,800 page liberal wishlist for the latest relief bill. Looks like they wanted to go big. Well, all of Congress went big and approved another massive bill. By the way, how much did you get? I got nothing. Weird, right?

From Fox News:

“Tens of thousands of Americans have lost their lives due to COVID-19, and more than a million have gotten sick. A record number of Americans are out of work,” McCarthy said in a statement on Tuesday. “Yet while Americans are searching for answers, House Democrats are releasing a liberal wish list that has no chance of becoming law.”

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McCarthy said the demands of the bill “were drafted behind closed doors, predate the crisis, and are not targeted to coronavirus.” The bill seeks to change election laws, bail out “mismanaged” pensions and temporarily suspend the cap on SALT tax deductions for the very wealthy, according to McCarthy.

My question is this - who the heck has time to read 1,800 pages?

Why can't they get these bills down to a simple check list that says the basics, then expand on each of them separately. There HAS to be a better and quicker way to do things.

Then again, it's Congress and they are literally the least efficient sector of government we've ever seen.

A janitor doing math problems on a White House chalk board could do a better job than this.

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