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McConnell slams Democrats for blocking relief funds, demands lefty 'Adults' show up tomorrow

March 22, 2020 / 811 views

There's a lot of mixed information going around social media about what was, and what was not, in the coronavirus relief funding that Democrats and Republicans could not agree on today. Some people on both sides said it was no good. Some people said it paid out too much to big corporations. Some said it didn't take care of the hospitals and actual working class people enough.

All I know is this - I have NO idea what is in it, what is not in it, and it doesn't even matter because the two sides can't put their partisan nonsense aside for five minutes to take care of their countries.

Before Trump leaves office, all I want from him is term limits for Congress and every single part of government. No job should be a lifetime position. NONE OF THEM.

No politician should make a career out of getting nothing done, or just enough done to get a few more votes than the opponent.

Is anyone else out there fed up with our government who can't get this done faster?

Well, we should ALL be irritable at this point.


Take care of the American people, take care of the hospitals and first responders, then use the rest on any businesses who are at a loss and need money to stay open and pay their employees.

This really shouldn't be that difficult.

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