McEnany puts foot down against press; Mika and Joe drag Trump's famiily 'through the mud'

May 26, 2020 / 3.8K views

Kayleigh McEnany gets asked about Trump pushing the theory that Joe Scarborough should be investigated for the death of an intern from years ago. Some theorists suggest Joe Scarborough might have had something to do with it, except there's no evidence of this just yet. We must note that Joe Scarborough has not been officially accused or linked to the intern's unfortunate passing and Trump simply wants him investigated. Either way, it's a battle that Joe and Mika keep pushing and Trump is merely pushing back with level grounds - although suggesting the guy is a murderer goes pretty dark on stinky Joe! Like wow, Trump really went there! Yeah, he sure did! Now if Joe and Mika don't stop running their mouth, then Trump won't stop running his. That's how this ALWAYS goes with Trump. He will fight back until they back off.

Here's part of McEnany's quote that includes the reference to what Mika accused Trump of:

And I am replying to you and saying this morning as recently I believe was this morning or yesterday Mika accused the president of being responsible for 100,000 deaths in this country. That’s incredibly irresponsible. They’ve dragged his family through the mud. They’ve made false accusations that I won’t go through that I would not say from this podium against the President of the United States and they should be held to account for their falsehoods. Joe Scarborough should be held to account for saying people will die by taking hydroxychloroquine, nevermind the millions of Americans, people across the world, who take it for rheumatory arthritis and other reasons. There are a litany of false headlines.

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But let's put it this way - Trump's tweet about Joe Scarborough wasn't THAT bad because Twitter rejected the plea to delete it. They suggested whatever Trump said about Joe was actually fine and not against TOS. WOW!!

Trump pushed back on Mika and Joe by suggesting that an investigation be opened on Joe, essentially accusing him of the crime.

The press asks Kayleigh McEnany about it and she reminds them that Mika herself is saying things on Twitter too that accuse the president of things he didn't do.

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It looks like Trump, Joe, and Mika are all playing the same game here, but the press keeps pushing this on the president and not holding Mike or Joe accountable for their ridiculous statements.

The miserable press needs to know this all goes both ways. If Mika and Joe attack the president, then he's going to fight back. This isn't your ordinary president. Trump will go right for you, so these folks attacking him with nonsense tweets better be prepared.

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