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Meltdown Mika loses it big time, complains about Trump on air: 'This is BS'

May 21, 2020 / 1.8K views

If there were a study to see if Trump Derangement Syndrome was real, then Mika Brzezinski could be the poster child for it. She has completely lost it. She's complaining on air about President Donald Trump's tweets. She was posting a lot about him on Twitter. She is in full anti-Trump rage mode and, quite frankly, is embarrassing herself.

She may not like what Trump says, but she has the full option to completely ignore his posts if she chooses.

Don't like it, then keep scrolling - even if it is about you.

And let's remember, Trump is smart enough not to post things that would likely result in him being in trouble. He knows what he's doing.

Siraj Hashmi had a really funny take on Mika's video, saying "Trump will never recover from this."

Source: twitter

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