Michelle Obama accuses Trump of 'spreading lies to win'

October 6, 2020 / 2K views

Former First Lady Michelle released a new video where she says that a lot of the protests were peaceful and that President Donald Trump is spreading lies to win. Despite the amount of peaceful protesters out there, there certainly have been times where it was not peaceful. This has been in debate for quite a while and we can't say that every protester is violent, because they are not. However, the ones who are violent seem to get more attention in the media which might cause the number of peaceful protesters to seem smaller. But in reality, it really is the fringe groups of violent protesters who are showing up and taking over the media attention. The media probably isn't interested in focusing on the group of people behaving when there's a maniac throwing firebombs or ripping down fences. One thing we cannot do is ignore the level of violence and damages done by protesters. They should face consequences for their actions and Michelle Obama should have addressed that but she chose not to. Hmmm.... Wonder why. This is Michelle Obama's views, not mine, and you can make your comment about her below.

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