Migrants claim they're staying in Mexico until Democrat gets in office

A recent news report by CBN News shows Mexican migrants are suggesting they're staying in Mexico until Donald Trump gets out of office. They want to stay home until a Democrat gets in office, because then it becomes a bit easier to get across the border and move on with their life.

This video is from CBN News and the excerpt below is from The Blaze.

In one video report from the Christian Broadcasting News, a 26-year-old Honduran deported from the U.S. said that he is stuck in Mexico and unable to get word from officials about work permits and other documentation.

"My idea is to go to Tijuana, and in Tijuana I'm gonna go ahead and try to make a living until Trump leaves the office," said the migrant, whose name was withheld.

"Once he leaves the office hopefully, everything is going to go back to normal, or the situation is going to get better for immigration laws," he added. "And we're gonna go ahead and try to get up."

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