Mike Lindell claims he's launching 'MyStore' to compete with Amazon

April 15, 2021 / 616 views

Mike Lindell, the guy from MyPillow, is now trying to launch an online store to compete with Amazon. Lindell calls it "MyStore" but it's actually on the MyPillow site - not on its own website or anything official.

I checked out the store and it's just a page with random junk and generic items for sale.

It just looks and feels way too generic at this point. Like a half attempt at an online store and I'm just being honest here, but I don't think this has any chance to compete with Amazon whatsoever. It feels more like Mike Lindell trying to get some free press and promote his pillows instead - otherwise why isn't the MyStore on its own website?

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It will be hard to compete with anything if they don't make a more serious attempt. As of now, I don't see this having any more chances to compete with Amazon than a local flea market does - because that's what this looks like, a flea market at best.

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