More Bernie Sanders staffers caught promoting 'Extreme Action' and destruction

Bernie Sanders may want to tell his staffers and supporters to calm down with the gulags. Another two staffers have been exposed for things they said that promote violence and destruction of property. 

Quotes grabbed from Daily Wire:

“A lot of the stories we’re told in the United States about, you know, the gulags and the persecution of the Kulaks and things like that are exaggerated … we certainly don’t have, uh, a straight perspective on that stuff here in America.” 

“We would need a federal government and a labor movement that is working together to strip power away from capitalists and preferably directing that violence towards property.”

“It would, it’s gonna take, you know, it’s gonna take militancy … like a militant labor movement that’s willing to … strike, and if necessary, you know, just destroy property and things like that.” “… after we abolish landlords, we don’t have to kill them …”

“… once we break up Google, YouTube, Facebook, ?nationalize these things, then that would be a huge thing forward so far as education stuff goes.”

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