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MSNBC Aired Really Bad Math Saying Bloomberg Could Give Every American $1,000,000

March 6, 2020 / 3K views

A recent clip on MSNBC, with Brian Williams and Mara Gay highlighted a tweet that suggested Michael Bloomberg spent $500 million on his campaign and still lost. One person said that Bloomberg could have given all 327 million people in the country a million dollars each and still had some money left over.

However, that math doesn't add up.

It would actually be 327 million x's 1 million, which would equal a LOT MORE than $500 million. You know, somewhere around the 3.27e14 mark if you have a modern calculator, which funny enough - works the same as the solar calculators we had in grade school.

So how much would each person have received under the assumption that Michael Bloomberg could have given us all money?

We would've received  $1.53.

So what was the Tweet that caused this whole mess?


It was by Mekita Rivas who clearly didn't use a calculator before tweeting this.

Mediaite chimed in, saying:

But that didn’t let Williams  — and apparently his entire, asleep-at-the-switch production team — from displaying and endorsing a completely wrong Tweet (since deleted) from blue-checked writer Mekita Rivas. Rivas, who was quickly deluged by online critics pointing out his mistake, protected his account soon after his flub got aired and cheekily amended his Twitter bio to read: “I know, I’m bad at math.”


“You see it as a possibility, if he wants to spend a billion bucks beating this guy, he could do it?” Williams asked Gay in a discussion of Bloomberg’s primary ad spending and the billionaire’s promise to continue his political ad campaign through November to defeat President Donald Trump.

“Absolutely. Somebody tweeted recently that actually with the money he’s spent, he could have given every American a million dollars,” Gay said, as Rivas’ false claim appeared on screen.

It was at this point that the video went all over social media and some users joked about MSNBC using common core math.

Now here's the thing with common core - they would've came to the same answer, but it would've taken like 35 extra steps and three hours to figure it out, because common core takes simple math problems and adds all these extra steps for no reason.

Source: mediaite

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