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MSNBC panel compares Trump to a toddler, for no reason at all

March 19, 2020 / 639 views

A panel on MSNBC was discussing President Donald Trump and what's going on with the pandemic, and they decided to compare him to a toddler for pretty much no reason at all, other than the fact that they appear to dislike him.

Lis Power posted on Twitter, "Trump "doesn't have the discipline to stay on a smart plan for more than a few hours. Like a toddler, something will stimulate him, a TV news story or an idiotic question from some clown from a pseudo-news network, and he'll spout off because he can't control his own prejudices"

Lis Power is not saying this, she's just sharing what the panel on MSNBC wrote, so don't take your comments out on her.

Also, she's from Philly, so she can probably beat you up anyway.

It just amazes me that MSNBC is bothering with this. What's the point in wasting time on this? Why aren't they doing better work? Why aren't THEY coming up with ideas to help stop the pandemic instead of complaining about Trump?

I just think there's better stuff to report on and complaining about Trump all the time is why people stop watching their network.


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