Nancy Pelosi praises Obamacare, meanwhile Congress stalled AGAIN on relief for Americans

March 24, 2020 / 1.7K views

Congress stalled again to come to an agreement on a relief plan for Americans. But don't worry! Nancy Pelosi has plenty of time to release a video supporting Obamacare on it's ten-year anniversary. Yeah, that same Obamacare that many of us think is worthless. That same Obamacare that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complained about when she had too many choices she could afford with her $174,000 salary.

Yep, same Obamacare that was probably 3 times the amount my insurance was before it happened. I was happy with my previous plan as it was cheaper and provided good coverage.

Obamacare was more expensive with less coverage. Go figure, once the government gets involved, they take your money, especially if it's ran by Democrats.

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Either way, I 100% do not support anything about the Affordable Care Act because it is not affordable and they don't care.

But hey, Nancy Pelosi is here to flop her dentures around in a 5 minute video about it. Obama posted a video too, but this one by Nancy is plenty. Don't need to hurt my eyes twice on it, ya know.

Guess what the response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was?

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Well, well, well... take a look!


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