NC Sheriff refuses to enforce 'unconstitutional' anti-2A laws

This is Sheriff Deputy Tripp Kester. He is speaking in front of the Davidson Board of Commissioners and states that he will not enforce any anti-2A laws that he finds to be unconstitutional. A crowd of listeners begins cheering. If the law enforcement in Virginia takes the same stance, then things could get quite interesting considering the level of laws they're trying to push in that state.

As stated on Washington Examiner:

The pro-gun rights resolution, introduced by Commissioner Zak Crotts, was passed by the board unanimously and follows similar resolutions adopted in Virginia and Kentucky, which state that no law officer will infringe on the citizens right to keep and bear arms. Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions have been adopted in more than 100 Virginia counties as the Democratic majority in Richmond is set to pass monumental anti-gun legislation.

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